Xtreme Transformation Contest 2018: April - July

Congratulations to Contest Winners Sarah Never and Katrina Duprey!

Here are a couple results from this past 3 month Xtreme transformation contest... Katrina Duprey & Sarah Never absolutely killed it! Words can't begin to describe how proud I am of them since mid-April...changing people's lives through fitness is the SHIT! I could win the lotto and I'd still do work at Xtreme!

- Jeff de Groff

Sarah Never - Testimonial

Sarah Never

So I bought this dress a year ago just because I liked it not because I could fit into because at the time I couldn't but with hard work changing what I ate and two people lighting a fire under my ass it now is no longer a well someday dress it is a today dress ... thanks so much Jeff de Groff and Vikki Van Cauwenbergh Jordan.

- Sarah Never

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