Xtreme Transformation Contest 2017: April - July

Congratulations to Contest Winner Christi Lyn!

A huge thank you to my trainer Jeff Degroff for helping me change my lifestyle and health! It's not about the contest, its about reaching goals for myself. I was an athlete and a runner for many years, never lifted weights other than 5lb dumbbells, and surely never received the results that I have in just the last 3 months! During this time I learned a lot about lifting, how to improve my health and eating habits, and met some pretty awesome supportive people. I'll continue my journey with accomplishing one goal after another while I build a ton more self-confidence, strength, and good health. I'm not a quitter, it wasn't about the contest, it was about GOALS! Anyone can do it! I'm not saying it's easy, because it's damn hard work! If you're serious, changes will happen. I started from day one telling Jeff what I wanted to do for myself, he got me there! Now it's time for me to take the next step from a beginner level. I see it as one of my new hobbies. How can I go wrong with that? Stronger, leaner, & meaner...with a nice body and not embarrassed about flaws anymore. Contact Jeff Degroff @ Homebody Xtreme Fitness if you want to do the same. Fitness Life! Thanks Jeff Degroff!

- Christi Lyn

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