On January 23, 2017 I started my journey to get healthier. I am proud to say that since weighing in at 390 pounds on that day, thanks to Jeff de Groff, Xtreme Homebody Fitness, and of course my wonderful wife, after 120 days I weighed in this morning at 327 pounds. I'm down 63 pounds and not stopping anytime soon! The quest continues!

- Bryan Renius

I came across Xtreme Fitness when my neighbor coaxed me into trying it out. After working out for years and getting "good" but not "great" results I figured it may be worth checking out. Honestly, I haven't looked back. I thought I was in shape before, but Jeff really humbled me and took my fitness routine and goals to the next level. I loathe the workouts beforehand, hate them all the way through, but feel like a I conquered the world when it's over. The atmosphere is awesome and everyone is willing to help in some way, it's almost like a little family pushing each other. That in itself makes it easier and more fun to keep going.

- Timothy Craig

I started working out at Xtreme Fitness almost 2 years ago after having my twins and wanting to "tone up". I have been addicted ever since. I have worked out in some fashion ever since I was 18, but I have never been truly happy with my body the way I am now. I have only lost around 5 pounds but have gone done almost 2 pant sizes. I love the personalized attention and variety that the classes have to offer - you will never get bored with the workouts. The workouts can be modified for someone at any level. I honestly don't think I would've ever achieved the body I have working out on my own!

- Gretchen

I’ve been taking Jeff’s Xtreme Cross class for the last 12 months and I already feel my endurance growing. It’s the best workout I’ve ever had.

- Rachelle Perkins, Holland, OH


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