I decided a year ago to change my life ... down to what I put in it to fuel my body - which was my biggest hurdle. The pictures on the left are from one year ago, and on the right was from last night after my second workout for the day. I am a single mom with four kids, and I work a full-time career and then some ... so what's your excuse? Put yourself as a priority! You only have one life, one body ... be good to yourself! One year down - a lifetime to go!

- Kristy Marie

About 8 years ago, I started working out at Xtreme because I didn’t like the way I looked, and I had no strength. I’ve done both Xtreme Cross and Personal Training with Jeff. I love them both. I don’t want to feel my age and I don’t want to fall apart.
- Janet Warren

I pray to God that I'm fortunate enough to someday be able to CrossTrain into my 60's like my client, Janet Warren ...so what was your excuse for not lifting weights again?
- Jeff de Groff

- Janet Warren

So I bought this dress a year ago just because I liked it not because I could fit into because at the time I couldn't but with hard work changing what I ate and two people lighting a fire under my ass it now is no longer a well someday dress it is a today dress ... thanks so much Jeff de Groff and Vikki Van Cauwenbergh Jordan.

- Sarah Never

Dec. 28, 2016 was my first day at at Homebody Fitness. I weighed 356 lbs. In 8 months with a couple bumps in the road I am down to 286 lbs. A lot more to go but headed in the right direction. Thanks again to my boy Jeff de Groff. It is hard to find A lot of positive people these days.

- Jason Barrett


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