Before & After Showcase: Bryan Renius

Bryan's Quest

Xtreme would like to congratulate Bryan with a special Before & After Showcase that details his incredible results. Bryan began his quest in late January of 2017 when he hired Jeff de Groff as his personal trainer. Bryan has been weightlifting at Xtreme three times per week on average ever since. Bryan stopped eating the "American diet" and started eating a healthy, balanced diet. As a result, Bryan has lost 63 pounds so far in his quest, and plans to lose 60 more - a goal that he can no doubt obtain by staying on this path. Listen to Bryan explain his full story in the following video1:

Before & After Photos

Bryan's Testimonials


On January 23, 2017 I started my journey to get healthier. I am proud to say that since weighing in at 390 pounds on that day, thanks to Jeff de Groff, Xtreme Homebody Fitness, and of course my wonderful wife, after 120 days I weighed in this morning at 327 pounds. I'm down 63 pounds and not stopping anytime soon! The quest continues!


Jeff ... I can't thank you enough! I know I am doing the work but you are motivating and know what it takes to get me where I need to be. Do not ever lose faith in your abilities! This picture showed up in my Facebook feed from one year ago today. I took the other picture this morning. Thank you so much ... you have changed my life!

1 - The video is originally from and can be seen here: - see the video labeled "Weight loss transformation".

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