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Welcome to Homebody Xtreme Fitness. My strength training program will enable you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle tone, and improve your overall health and appearance. You will be completely revitalized by my program! My unique approach will help you transform your body. With my program, you will change your perceptions and attitude about exercise, fitness, and health.

- Jeff de Groff  Personal Trainer & Owner

Info & Savings

Discounted price to military, police officers, and firefighters! Get 3 months for $75!
$40 per month or $100 for 3 months

$12 per week or $10 per workout

New clients get half off their first workout!
Online Training - get personalized, detailed workouts
Open Gym Availability
HXF is now offering personalized meal plans for only $100. Contact Jeff de Groff for details.

HFX Online Group - via Square Cash

Xtreme Transformation Contest

Check out the results from our 3-month Xtreme Transformation Contest! Their results are truly phenomenal. I could not be more proud of these Xtremers!

- Jeff de Groff

Before & After

B & A Showcase: Bryan Renius

See Bryan's amazing transformation in this B & A Showcase.

Meet the Owner

Jeff de Groff

Jeff de Groff
Personal Trainer & Owner

ISSA Certified

"Voted #1 Personal Trainer in Toledo"
by the City Paper - 2012

Xtreme Videos

Check out our videos to see firsthand how we work to change people's lives at Xtreme.

Weight Training

Xtreme offers personal attention weight reistance training at the Xtreme gym on Secor every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. for only $10!


"After having my first child and deciding I needed that extra push to lose my 'baby' weight, I contacted Jeff in early 2012. Over the past year, he has done a tremendous job at getting me back in shape and building more muscle. The personal training sessions really benefitted my schedule, and once I felt confident enough, I started going to his bootcamp classes, mixing in personal training as well. Jeff is super knowledgeable about fitness and is great at modifying all body types/capabilities."- Veronica Vincent
"I have been taking Jeff’s bootcamp, kick boxing, cross fit classes for the last 7 months and I absolutely love them. My strength and endurance has improved tremendously. I am able to do things I could never do in a gym alone or would ever think of. It’s addicting and I have a blast doing it. The trainers here are awesome."- Ashley Sharp
"I have been taking Jeff’s Xtreme Cross class for the last 2 months and I have already seen results in my upper body. There is more muscle definition and my clothes fit differently. I truly enjoy all the classes that I participate in. The trainers assist you when you need it. They encourage and motivate me to keep going when I want to give up. I believe if I keep at it I will get the results that I want." - Shelly Vetresca
"I have been working with Jeff for a little over 2 years now. I have gained leaned muscle and dropped inches. I am truly addicted to Jeff's Group Repetition Training Bootcamps, and Jeff's personality & love for what he does makes them fun even through the pain."- Melissa Fitzgerald
"I started working out at Xtreme Fitness almost 2 years ago after having my twins and wanting to "tone up". I have been addicted ever since. I have worked out in some fashion ever since I was 18, but I have never been truly happy with my body the way I am now. I have only lost around 5 pounds but have gone done almost 2 pant sizes. I love the personalized attention and variety that the classes have to offer - you will never get bored with the workouts. The workouts can be modified for someone at any level. I honestly don't think I would've ever achieved the body I have working out on my own!"- Gretchen

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